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Beijing Jockey Club Sponsors First Aid Training Program

    Knowing First Aid is the best way to save lives at the scene of an accident.It can significantly reduce the suffering and casualties caused by accidents or disaster

    In the West, volunteers who know First Aid play an important role in the emergency medical response system; one in every five citizens are First Aid certified. Beijing has over 13 million people but only 2293 certified First Aid volunteers. Needless to say this busy and rapidly developing metropolis needs more people who know First Aid.

    Sponsored by Beijing Jockey Club, Beijing Red Cross Society started a community-based program to advocate health care knowledge and train volunteers in First Aid. By 2008 this program will produce more than 160,000 volunteers who are certified in First Aid. This great effort will contribute much to Beijing's emergency medical response system, and improve people's First Aid awareness. It will also make Beijing a safe city for the 2008 Olympic Games.

    From July 16 to November 15, Beijing Jockey Club will hold horse races every Saturday, and advocate First Aid in the meantime. Each month, Beijing Jockey Club will donate 500,000 Yuan of ticket sales to Beijing Red Cross Society. Horse lovers can now enjoy a beautiful Saturday at the track as well as help make Beijing a safer and better place.

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