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    Beijing Jockey Club (BJC) locates in the TongZhou District of Beijing, covering an area of 160 hectares, or 1.6 square kilometers. It is one of the biggest international standard horse-racing clubs in Asia. In 2001, with the approval of the state government, the club embarked on the thorougbred racing as a major business. Till now, the club has bred over 2,000 thoroughbred horses.There are 3 racetracks with international standard in the club, turf track A: 2298m; turf track B: 2050m and dirt track S:1850m. In addition, tens of cozy VIP rooms and quality service are available here.  
      From every March to the November, there are nearly 10 races in every Saturday, aiming at promoting the thoroughbred racing level in China, as well as to be a recreation for people. The Sport General Administration has confirmed the club as the horsemanship sport base. What is more proud of, the club is now bidding on equestrianism match field of the 2008 Olympic Games.
    For standardized service, and let more people participate in the horse sport activities, we also set up the membership service. The members can enjoy a series privileges such as free entrance on race day, participating all activities in the club, getting priority to book VIP rooms, leasing and buying a horse from the club. There are fully furnished in VIP rooms, in which you can get the racing information easily through TV. Besides the VIP rooms, a capacious place in the club can also hold varies horse sport activities.    >>Enter Membership  
    After a few years effort, we have made a great progress in any aspect in the club, particularly in its racing performance. On every racing day, hundreds of audiences come to watch the races and enjoy their weekends here, it becomes a popular horse racing club in Beijing. We also develop a good relationship with many famous clubs in Beijing such as the Chang An Club and the Capital Club, and their members often take part in the activities in our club. This year the bonus for some particular big race is increased from RMB 50,000 to RMB 2,000,000, and such prizes can attract a lot of big companies to christen the races after their own names. Last year, we have contracted with the China Equestrianism Association for undertaking the fourth National Thoroughbred Racing for the China Cup, together with the live TV broadcast, thus it gives good opportunities to some of the companies to develop the business with us and develop a good corporate partners.
      Besides, the club carries on breeding, reproduction, training and selling of the thoroughbred horses. Now, about 600 horses are produced annually, which terminates the history of only importing thoroughbred horses in China, thus it makes the club suddenly become one of the ten largest thoroughbred horse breeding farm in Asia. There are quite a few stallions in the club that have won splendid result in international races. Tierce(AUS), Bigstone(IRE), Chief Contender(IRE) and Northern Drake(AUS), are famous horses in the world and each of them is worth of some ten million RMB. They have participated in countless races and won a great deal of champions, and their next generations have also received good performance. They are treasures in China's horse breeding circle.
    There are spacious stables, first class well-trained stockman and professional horse training and medical team. We welcome you to the club to choose your favorite horse as a valued gift to your friends and yourself. Apart from this, the first Chinese incitant exam center of horse racing was built at BJC,which is invested over 3 million RMB, and it has already put into service at the club since 2002. The incitant exam center adopts advanced facilities from the US and it can ensure that all races conduct fair, open and justicial. The first class equipment and authoritative identifiers have made the outside recognize the center.
    On every race day, the BTV-6 broadcasts live all the races. We also put up some racing information on the Beijing Star Daily the day before each race day.
    To promote the horse industry in China and fulfill the demand of the development of horse-racing, horse show jumping and leisure riding sport activities in China, we publish Horse Industry, the only professional horse magazine in China. The aim of publishing "Horse industry" magazine not only carries forward the Chinese horse culture but also lets all the Chinese horse lovers know the Chinese horse culture and the racing news all over the world. "Horse Industry" is now becoming popular and receives recognition in China.
    If you are interested in the horse, or if you want to represent one side of your success here, then we open horse lease and horse selling services to you, which means you will have chance to be a horse owner.
    This year, the bonus for the race is different from RMB 50,000 to Maximum RMB 2,000,000, of which 5% is for the trainers and jockeys respectively, and the rest is for the horse owners.
    Besides, you can invite your friend to be a syndicate together to rent or buy a horse at BJC.    
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