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Introduction to Instone Air Services

    Instone is heavily involved in the shipping of large consignments of horses and livestock to all parts of South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. We are regularly involved in the chartering of cargo aircraft to carry horses from Australia and New Zealand to countries all over Asia and the Middle East.

     Instone has been involved in the transport of Olympic horses and international competition horses for many years, amongst other livestock. This experience serves as testimony to the dedication and international experience of Instone in complying with the most stringent of international quarantine standards for the transport of livestock, bloodstock and the associated development and manufacture of the highly specialised equipment necessary to accommodate their movements.

     For over 18 years Instone Air Services have been the worldwide, exclusive, shipping agents for the Macau Jockey Club. Each year we make all of the quarantine and shipping arrangements for over 300 horses to travel to Macau. In addition to this we are also world-wide appointed shipping agents for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. This is just a small sample of the business that we regularly undertake.

Instone Air Services Red Cross Sprint Cup
Mr. Chris Pearson,
the General Manager of Instone Air Services
Australia, gave a speech to the race.
Divdends(AUS) won the Instone Air Services Red Cross Sprint Cup Mr. Chris Pearson took photo with the winner. Mr. Chris Pearson awarded
the trophies to the owner (Mr. Eddy Chan), the trainer (Mr. H. K. Cheong) and the jockey (Mr. A. L. Tai)
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