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Beijing Jockey Club will hold auctions of racehorses throughout 2004. All horses available for purchase will be listed on the following part and Beijing Jockey Club's official web site,, the opening bid price for each horse will also be displayed.

How to bid
  Any member wishing to bid on a horse may do so before the closing time of 12:00 noon Wednesday. A deposit must be lodged with each application. The deposit may vary for different horse, please refer to appendix table 1.
  All bids must be received before 12:00 noon on Wednesday. Bids for a particular horse cannot be less than the opening bid price listed on the web site but may be higher, (A horse listed at 200,000 cannot be bid 190,000 but may be bid 210,000).
  At 5:00 pm every Wednesday the list of all horses with bids on them will be published on the web site.
  All bidders will be officially notified of the arrangements for the Auction and bidding procedures for Auction.
  Any member wishing to bid but not having registered on Wednesday, may register their intention to bid and a deposit before 12:00 noon on the Friday before racing.
  Horses declared to run and having bids placed on them will be put up for public auction on the morning of their race and will run in the name of the successful bidder.

The Auction
  Any horse having a bid place on them will be put up for public auction on the next raceday, or if having an engagement on the Sunday will be put up for auction on the Sunday.
  All registered bidders should present themselves at The Parade Ring on the designated day at 11:30 am.
  The auction time will not change and any registered bidder failing to present themselves on time will forfeit their right to bid.
  The bidding on each horse will opened by the highest bid registered on the previous Wednesday.
  Only bidders that have been registered to bid on the day may bid.
  The horse will be sold to the highest bidder.
  The winning bidder will own the horse immediately after the horse is sold. The owner is liable for all expenses immediately and should any accident or injury happen to the horse before all payments are made the new owner will be liable to pay all outstanding monies due. Insurance can be arranged by Beijing Jockey Club, and any prospective buyers interested should make arrangements before the sale.
  All outstanding monies are due on the Tuesday immediately following the auction.
  Should any horse purchased at auction and race and win prizemoney on the same day, the prizemoney will go to the new owner, provided the owner pays all outstanding monies due on or before the following Tuesday (Any prizemony won on auction day cannot be considered towards the purchase price).
  Any registered bidder failing to purchase a horse will have his deposit returned.

The new owner will own the horse outright, and the horse may be left in the care of one of the Beijing Jockey Club’s trainers to be prepared to race there or may be taken away by the owner.
Training fees at Beijing Jockey Club are as follows:
Horse in training RMB 4,000 per month
Horse out of training RMB 2,000 per month
Racing fees are as follows:
For each race the entry fee will be 0.6% of the total prize money,
e.g.    Prize  RMB  52,000......    entry  RMB  312
          Prize  RMB 3,000,000...    entry RMB 18,000

Eligibility to Race At Beijing Jockey Club
All horses must be registered with the China Stud Book and with the Beijing Jockey Club before it can be considered eligible to race. Registration with the Stud Book will include full parentage validation by blood typing.
All horses must be trained by a trainer licenced by Beijing Jockey Club or holding a licence issued by a Racing Authority recognized by Beijing Jockey Club.
Owners may place the horse with a trainer of their choice.
Owners may, for a fee, apply to have their own distinctive colours worn by the jockey riding their horse.

Prizemoney for 2004 season will range from RMB52,000 to RMB3,000,000. Any person purchasing a horse to race will be allowed to race in all races for which their horse is eligible. The only restrictions will be on age and sex.

Where to place application
    1) City Contact
        Room 1911, Henderson Centre Office Tower 1,
        18 Jianguomen Nei Avenue, Beijing 100005
        Tel: 010-5182312
        Monday to Friday    8:30am - 12:00pm
                                       1:00pm - 5:30pm
     2) Auctions Counter - Racecourse
         Raceday    12:30pm-4:00pm

Appendix Table 1
Opening Bid Price (RMB) Deposit(RMB)
50,000 or below 5,000
50,001-100,000 10,000
100,001-200,000 20,000
200,001-300,000 30,000
300,001-400,000 40,000
400,001-500,000 50,000
500,001-600,000 60,000
600,001-700,000 70,000
700,001-800,000 80,000
800,001-900,000 90,000
900,001-1,000,000 100,000
1,000,001 or above 10% of the opening bid price
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